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Fruta Planta At frutaplantadietmall.com
fruta planta
My name is Cathy, I have taken Fruta Planta diet pills and lost 6 kilos in a month, I love them very much and extremely happy with my new body, the pills come 30 pills in a pack and I took a pill every morning with a big cup of warm water as suggested, i can obviously feel my appetite suppressed, I think this is a good product and I recommend it!
I took fruta planta pills because my friend recommended them to me, she has got wonderful result and I was convinced so I gave it a shot, I lost 10lbs in 3 weeks! Awesome~! these pills take my hunger away, I have a lot of friends wanting to try this lol
I was ordering from a distributor in New Jersey, she is no longer selling them & I do not know why, I was overjoyed to find the one I got from you are real one and works for me!

-Bella from NJ

Only 3 Steps to Reduce Weight with Fruta Planta Slimming Capsules!

Step 1: Improve Digestive System, Remove Stubborn Stool
The 100% all natural slimming formula ensure ingredients starting working immediately after taking, Fruta Planta will improves the BMR to speed up fat decomposition and adjusts the digestive system to stop the fat absorption and accumulation, also it improves gastrointestinal motility to help remove stubborn toxins to boost BMR

Step 2: Improve Blood Sugar and Fats, Reshape Better Figure
Active ingredients of Fruta Planta will effectively improve the lipase activity to ensure users gradually gain slender body by conditioning and improving glucose and lipid as well as body fat circulation system

Step 3: Control and Balance Fat Percentage, Slim with No Rebounding
By eliminating free radical that has harm to the body, Fruta Planta ensures users getting back to normal secretion of hormones. Balancing fat distribution and controlling fat percentage, Fruta Planta lets you reduce weight with no rebounding

Get Rid of 10-15 Pounds in Just 30 Days with Fruta Planta!

1-7 Days
Starting to get some effect, it begins to burn fat and stubborn stool will be removed to ensure smooth bowel movements

7-15 Days
Beginning to convert fat, belly becomes flatter and subcutaneous, fat is reduced obviously, effect is showing

15-30 Days
Fat decomposition and conversion moves into high gear and body metabolism is adjusted to be better, fat expelling is basically finished and 10-15 pounds is removed!

No suitable clothes?
No confidence?

Can you stand it continuously?

If NO, start your Weight Loss plan now! Fruta Planta Slimming Capsules will let you far away from above problems in just a short period! No side effect, no exercises, Fruta Plnta enables you in good shape!

About Fruta Planta
Fruta Plnta is 100% all natural with 30 pills in a pack for a month supply, it contains Lemon, Bitter Melon, Papaya, Benefit fruit, and Spirulina Maxima, Fruit Gum etc., both men and women can gain benefit from it, reducing 10-15 pounds in a month is what Fruta Planta do for users and customer can check the anti fake marks on the package to ensure getting authentic product!

Authentic Fruta Planta
1. Product name is spelled correctly.
2. There has manufactured seals, stickers and stamps, total 4
3. Closure seal certificate sticker on the top of the box.
4. Pink and gray lot manufacture sticker.
5. All the letters in the red “SGZW” circle are all visible
6. Spanish silver embossed seal, found on both sides of box.
7. All instructions are properly translated in English and Spanish

About usage
Take 1 capsule everyday in the morning half hour before breakfast with worm water, 1 capsule per day
Don’t use Fruta Planta if you are children, pregnant woman, Don’t use it if you have heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus or kidney disease etc., please consult your doctor if you are taking other medicines.

About us
We are the authorized dealer of Fruta Planta pills, We get the goods directly from manufacturer and goods are always available in stock, 5-10 days delivery and door-door post office services are provided, your happy shopping experience here is what we are going for!

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Customers Reviews:

Love fruta planta! by Joyce Holland
Love fruta planta! I am vry glad to say i started taking them a month ago with weight 75kgs and i recently weighed myself again with weight 69kgs, they do great help to change my eating habit, i do eat healthy foods and i don’t crave sweets much anymore, thank you for effective product!

Weight loss by Isabel Wade
ive just started taking fruta planta about 2weeks ago im not as hungry and dont eat as much, i didn’t do working out along with the pill, i thikn the results may be better if i do combine some exercises but i didnn’t have time, so far i have lost 6lbs, i am satisfied with the results, wish i can lose more with them

So far so good by Lana Watson
I have been taking these fruta planta pills for 6 days and i weighed myself today with 3pounds down, the side effect so far is not too bad, i just need to drink water again and again..

Love it by Mona Berry
My started weight was 170 and now i am at 144, these fp pills are incredible! I totally love it! not hungry, no sugar cravings just a little jittery if taking no food and dry mouth if no enough water, i def like to recommend this product, good luck :D

Good product by Cassandra Peters
I have lost around 13lbs so far! I had an extreme burst of energy and sweated a lot for the first week, later they disappeared but i still have appetite suppressed and dry mouth side effect, i am very satisfied with the result and wish i cound continue to lose 15 or so more :)

Appetite suppressant by Marlene Griffith
I have been using fruta planta pills for 2 months and I love them! I am a nigh owl so I always can’t control myself from eating but fp capsules give help, I have less appetite and my weight now is 120 pounds from 143 pounds, amazing!

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